8 Minute Bikini AB Workout


The best 8 minute abs workout.

Get strong abs and build a solid core foundation.

Aside from the aesthetic aspects of having a flat and toned stomach, building a set of strong abdominal muscles and developing your core strength will provide you with a solid foundation to perform any type of exercise and protect you from potential injuries.

Your Abs

The following is a brief guide to help you understand the basics behind burning "excess abdominal fat", which exercises are the most effective for toning and tightening your mid-section, and how to utilize proper nutrition to reveal the tight, toned abs everyone wants.

Body Type

Before we begin, you should realize that there is no single eating plan or exercise routine that will benefit everyone.

What works for one, will not work for another.

According to Dr. George Watson, PhD, author of Nutrition and Your Mind and Psycho-Chemical Energy and Personality Strength, people’s body types describe much more.

In his research, he describes how metabolic body types [the oxidation types] affect the way people respond to food intake and the ability to handle carbohydrates and fats in the oxidation process.

Your body oxidizes food intake differently (especially fats and carbs) than others, and being on a meal plan meant for other body types can lead to diet failure or, quite possibly, hurt your health and metabolism which inevitably slows down weight and fat loss.

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