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Once you become a regular runner, there’s no turning back — but that doesn't mean there aren't a few New Year's resolutions runners can make to improve. When you haven’t gone running in a while, you just don’t feel like yourself. You might even become an irritable grump in your cardio-deprived state — especially if you’re waiting out an annoying injury. I know this because I started running as a scrawny middle school kid on the cross-country team, and to this day something feels a bit off when I haven’t jogged in a few days. But if you’ve been running for years, it’s also easy to get bored and lose motivation (sometimes just the thought of doing my same old neighborhood route keeps me from lacing up my running shoes). That’s why you should make some New Year’s running goals to spice things up again.

Running should be a fun stress-reliever… because if it’s something you dread, why do it? Yes, it’s great exercise, but there are plenty of other activities you could try that you might enjoy more. Deep down, every dedicated jogger truly loves running. So if it’s become stale for you, try making these 11 simple New Year’s resolutions. They'll make you a better runner, and they might just remind you why you started running in the first place.

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