20 Minute Single Arm Strong Not Skinny Kettlebell Workout


Today I’m sharing the workout I did bright & early this morning at 6am!

I was tired, but I got up anyway and got in the workout groove. After it was all over, it made me feel so good!

Believe me when I say there are days that I literally drag myself out of bed to get in my workouts. Lately I just can’t even tolerate the thought of working out in the evenings. Routine much?


This workout though, is exactly what I needed yesterday morning. After a few days off from exercise over the long weekend, I’ve been using my new kettlebells to their fullest potential!

Oohh which reminds me I’ve never shown you a pic of my new KB’s! Coming soon I promise. :)

Prove that you’re STRONG NOT SKINNY {!!!}

Snatch and Lunge
Bent Over Row
Chest Press
Squat, High Pull & Press
Get Ups

Remember this entire workout is using a Single Arm!

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