4 Minute Yoga Flow For Sore, Tight And Bad Backs


Carrying boxes. Hauling in grocery bags. Scrubbing the floor on your knees. Shoveling. Holding a kid up in ice skates. Walking for hours through the mall with bags hanging in both hands. These and many other things put extra stress on our backs. Fortunately, yoga is, and has always been, one of the best ways to remedy the pain, tightness or soreness that shows up in in our back, especially the low back. The poses chosen for this workout are specifically designed to flex and extend the spine as well as gently twist for a finishing touch of relief.

You do not need to have any yoga experience, to experience the relief this flow will provide. Just follow the directions and, as best you can, move from one pose directly to the next. It might even help to read all of them ahead of time and imagine the flowing motion in your head. Read more : Source 


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