How To Get A Killer AB Workout At HOME


 Getting killer abs isn't easy, you guys. And sadly it's true that getting some nice abs has a lot do with diet. Some say abs are made in the kitchen, not in the guy. Though we think that's overselling it a bit, there's a lot of truth to that. The part of the truth, however, is that you do need the gym -- or, at least some space at home -- to help you get the abs you want. We found a great piece from Holly Waterfall over at Happy Food Healthy Life that outlines some great ways to stay on track with your ab workout. Here's what her workout looks like:
30 Second Plank (at least! work towards a longer plank)
50 Russian Twists (25 on each side)
30 Side Bends (15 on each side)
30 Scissor Kicks
25 Weighted Sit-Ups
Do each circuit three times with a minute break in between.
Start or end with a cardio session.

 "Ab workouts can actually be fun with all the variety of exercises you can do."
"And let me just tell you right now – those so-called ab machines at the gym do a whole lot of nothing for you. The ones that add a little weight to your crunches. Yeah, not very effective. These 5 exercises I have put together for you are targeted to toning those muscles in your abdominal area."
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