10 Naturally Ways To Detoxify Your Body


The benefits of colon cleansing are immense ranging from elimination of toxins and improving the absorption of nutrients in your body, to relief from constipation and diarrhea. Some people even say it helps one feel lighter, gain more energy and also gain a flatter stomach. Here are the top 10 natural colon cleansers

1.      Fermented foods
These contain bacteria; which help in the digestion and absorption of food and nutrients. The same bacteria help in detoxification. However extra care has to be taken to prevent the bacteria from getting out of proportion because this may lead to health hazards

2.      Honey
When taken with warm water on an empty stomach, honey greatly flashes out toxins. It is advisable to have this in the morning for best results

3.      Apples
Apple sauce, apple juice, apple cider or anything apple eliminate toxins because of the pectin content they contain. When taken in therapeutic doses, they work wonders. Worth a try!

4.      Clean water
The kind that is fluoride free is very effective because hydrating the colon means prevention against constipation, which is a habitat for toxins. Adding sea salt to water is said to add an extra mile in detoxification

5.      Garlic
Not only does it cleanse the colon, but detoxifies the whole body at large. This flavor adding, pungent ingredient eliminates toxins and parasites. Greatly recommended!

6.      Flax
This contains fat and fiber. These two components work immensely in detoxification. Omega-3 fatty acids strike a balance in cells walls and reduce inflammation

7.      Slippery elms
These should be taken with a lot of water for an effortless miracle. It balances bowel movement by calming the colon lining and regulating the stool.

8.      Avocados
These are rich in fiber. The insoluble variety is much more effective when it comes to colon cleansing. The soluble variety shouldn’t be neglected though coz it helps in water absorption.

9.      Greens
For example cabbage, spinach, peas, sea vegetables and all the greens rich in chlorophyll are a great asset as well. They immensely flash out toxins and also detoxify the liver.

10.   Natural ingredients

These ingredients should be included in the everyday meal; kefir, bucked wheat, psyllium husk, and bentonite clay.


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